Cycling Torino to Venice for Hellenic Hope

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A dedicated group of 6 cyclists, shall depart this Sat 20 May from Turin, Italy on a 6 day bicycle ride to Venice.

3 of those cyclists (Cathy Wardlaw, Julie Dreger and Melinda Sanderson-Kirby) are travelling to Italy all the way from Canada, joined by UK based John Banerjee, Richard Brownlees and our own Panagiotis Vlachopoulos.

Their goal is to make it back in one piece. Also, to raise awareness and hopefully some funding support towards our good cause.

Here are some stats: In less than 6 days, they shall attempt to cover the better part of 700km!  While on the saddle, each one will press the pedals about 110,000 times, burn 12,000kcal, while fueling on more than 50 litres of water, needing more than 375,000 strong heart beats and respiring roughly 38,000 breaths while cycling alone.

You can track them LIVE by clicking here.

And do not forget to support them by spreading the word and hopefully sponsor them using MyDonate or The Button.