We have examined dozens of organizations in Greece by conducting a series of meetings. Hellenic Hope has studied their needs and prioritized accordingly. The process is ongoing. Here is what we’ve done so far for the organizations we have decided to support:

Kentro Agapis Elefsina

Hellenic Hope is supporting Kentro Agapis Elefsina through:

  • The provision of two professional ovens to assist with daily food provision.
  • Food parcels for 10 families, twice a month and over the period of a year. Food parcels are funded by Hellenic Hope and provided through the Food Bank (

 A few words about Kentro Agapis Elefsina

A long established and much loved centre, the Kentro Agapis Elefsina, Filiki Folia, has operated since 1964 and over time has offered its services to over 10,000 children and their families.

Every day the centre looks after 190 children, offering food to at least 120 of them. Its aim is to provide both basics such as food, as well as social and emotional support to children and their families.

Through its educational activities, the centre also ensures that children are maximize their learning opportunities and find ways to express themselves. Among other, the centre provides after school study support, computer and foreign language lessons, access to a library of 20,000 books, as well as creative group activities such as theatre, choir, arts & crafts, drawing, etc. In co-operation with other local service providers, children can also have piano, guitar, gymnastics, sports or other extracurricular activities.

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In our co-operation with Schedia, we have particularly focused on the activities the organization undertakes directly with children and we are funding virtually exclusively and for a period of 6 months the implementation of their programme of creative activities for children. The programme aims at enhancing children’s self-esteem, improving their verbal expression, expanding their cognitive abilities and securing their school and wider social integration.

Over this period of 6 months it is expected that about 80 children from the Municipality of Elefsina will participate in creative activities. All children come from deprived socio-economic backgrounds.

Having secured our financial support for their core programme, Schedia has now extended its service and is also providing a basic healthy meal for all participating children. Both lessons and food provision take place at the Elefsina Municipality premises.

A few words about Schedia

Schedia is an organization that seeks to promote social inclusion and respect for diversity among children by engaging them via creative activities. Since 1994, Schedia has focused its activities primarily on the use of art as a means to combat discrimination and social exclusion and has worked on:

  • Planning and implementation of social intervention programme which use artistic expression to promote the respect for diversity in Greece.
  • Teacher training sessions and seminars for professional development through artistic expression.
  • Development of educational material both printed and audiovisual.
  • Development and presentation of theatrical plays.

The Municipality of Elefsina agrees to extend sponsoring the programme for Schedia!
For the six months to come after our funding period ends and partly due to our very decision to originally fund the programme, the Municipality of Elefsina agreed to extend their sponsoring for an equal amount of time, which means that for one year this programme has secured its funding.

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Ena paidi, Enas Kosmos (EPEK)

For Ena Paidi, Enas Kosmos (EPEK), Hellenic Hope has funded the construction of a kitchen on the premises of the organisation.
The kitchen will support the organisation’s daily cooking needs, cooking & baking workshops, as well as forming a focal point for daily socializing.
The existence of the new kitchen not only enables EPEK to extend the provison of its services, it also provides a much needed focal point for children, families and EPEK volunteers to socialise and create fruitful relations.

A few words about Ena paidi, enas kosmos (EPEK)

Founded in 2009, EPEK focuses on assisting families with children facing socio-economic difficulties. It recognizes that in order to help children, one often needs to help their families. As a result, the organization focuses on childcare through the provision of tailor-made, holistic assistance to the families it works with, both in close co-operation with local authorities, as well as through its own social workers, doctors and psychologists. It typically covers basic needs such as food, clothing and health provision, as well addressing more complex social and emotional needs.

Working for the past 4 years with families in need and with children at risk, the organisation has concluded that giving children and parents motivation, confidence and self-esteem is vital in helping families to overcome the effects of the crisis.

As a result, the organization has now designed two programmes, which focus on broadening the horizons of children, helping them face the future with optimism, whilst offering activities for the entire family in a healthy and creative environment:

  • HARTI & KALAMARI (PAPER & PEN): The programme aims to support children that attend primary school (6 to 12 years old) and involves – among other – after school study support, arts & crafts, baking and other self-expression workshops. The baking will of course take place in the new kitchen.
  • VIMA (STEP): The programme aims to support families with pre-school children (less than 6 years of age) and focuses on the mothers’ and children’s emotional health and social well-being. It also aims to simply give a positive, creative break to mothers and an opportunity to forge relations with other mothers with children of similar ages, whilst in parallel, giving the children the opportunity to develop their social and cognitive skills.

EPEK expect the new kitchen to play both a pivotal and supporting role in the running of these two new programmes.

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Filoi tou paidiou

For Filoi tou Paidiou, Hellenic Hope is funding several months’ medical support for all families and children currently supported by the organization. Medical services will be provided or a per-request basis by not-for-profit organization Mission Anthropos that provides humanitarian medical aid through teams of Greek doctors, nurses, technicians and administrators, who all volunteer their free time.

A few words about Filoi tou Paidiou

Active for 20 years, Filoi tou Paidiou have an impressive track record of supporting disadvantaged children and their families. The organisation plays an active part in all aspects of family support, with many of the families being supported facing serious health issues and socioeconomic difficulties.

Among other:

  • The organization provides clothing and food and aims at the improvement of each family’s living conditions by supplying household goods, oil for heating, payment of utility bills and also by covering tuition fees, offering school equipment and financial support to children excelling in their studies.
  • It also provides a specialized psychologist to assist single mothers by offering group and individual consultative and supportive services.
  • Finally, since 2007, the organization also runs a daycare centre in the Metaxourgeio area of downtown Athens. The centre admits and looks after 2,5-5 year old children whose parents do not meet the minimum criteria set by the state in order to attend a municipal nursery and have nowhere to send their children to.

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