We have examined dozens of organizations in Greece by conducting a series of meetings. Hellenic Hope has studied their needs and prioritized accordingly. The process is ongoing. Here is what we’ve done so far for the organizations we have decided to support:

Mimikopoulou Foundation

Hellenic Hope is funding 2 food parcels per month for each of the 12 families in need, brought to our attention by the Mimikopoulou Foundation, for a period of one year. These families include 33 children benefiting from the support. The food parcels, containing mainly packaged dry foods, are provided through the Food Bank Foundation (

Hellenic Hope has also supported the Mimikopoulou Foundation by offering pro bono consulting services, in order to assist improvement to its overall strategy and enhance its in-house funding capabilities.

A few words about the Mimikopoulou Foundation: Founded in 1966, the Mimikopoulou Foundation focuses on supporting families in need. Until 2010, the year the financial crisis in Greece reached its peak, the Foundation had been providing financial assistance to 1,200 families per year. In 2011 though, due to a significant decrease in its revenues, it was decided to stop the financial support and run a “Social Warehouse” instead, a collection and re-distribution centre for clothes, furniture and other goods to support families and non-profit organizations across Greece. The Foundation’s volunteers, carefully examine all collected goods before they are displayed in the warehouse, where every person/NGO in need can visit and select.

A permanent bazaar can also be found on its premises, where several goods coming from private in-kind donations are sold at token prices to cover the running costs of the Foundation.

The Mimikopoulou Foundation, finally, supports families by distributing food, donated by individuals as well as the Food Bank, when available.

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Children’s Home Foundation

Hellenic Hope is collaborating with the Children’s Home Foundation by paying the fees for 11 children, previously attending at half board due to their parents’ economic hardship, in order for them to move to full board. These children belong to families from deprived socioeconomic backgrounds with limited financial means. Via this service extension, we ensure that children are fed a proper meal at lunchtime and spend more time in an environment conducive to their cognitive and emotional development. In turn, this will help these pre-schoolers when the time comes for them to better integrate in the primary educational system.

A few words about the Children’s Home Foundation: Established in 1931, the Children’s Home Foundation has been providing nursery services with the aim of enabling mothers to become part of the active workforce. Today, it accommodates about 400 children, from 6 months to 5 years old, in its four model homes in Athens and Piraeus, from 7.00 till 16.00.

The educators in all the “homes” ensure a comprehensive educational and recreational programme, which includes amongst others, theatrical performances and educational visits.

Twice per day, healthy and nutritious meals, based on the renowned Mediterranean diet, are provided.

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Network for children’s rights (DDP)

Hellenic Hope is supporting DDP through the donation of 15 tablets, a projector and a laptop to assist it in piloting the programme called “Open Sesame” which promotes the use of tablets and the Internet as means for educational research. As well as teaching the ability to research a specific subject to enhance one’s knowledge, the programme aims to develop self-confidence, widen the child’s perspective, promote initiative, creativity and experimentation with different digital visualisation media.

A few words about the Network for Children’s Rights (DDP): The Network for Children’s Rights (DDP) is a non-profit organization active since 2004 with the express aim to promote and enhance children’s rights in Greece – as outlined in the United Nations International Convention for Children’s Rights. DDP furthermore promotes respect for diversity.

The DDP operates the “Culture Lab”, a community centre near the main railway station of Athens where a lending library can be found, on a daily basis. Furthermore, educational and creative programmes for children take place at the centre, as well as programmes on the promotion of children’s standing in society. Finally, the DDP organizes seminars for parents and teachers, surveys, campaigns and conferences.

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Hellenic Hope and the NGO Oi Filoi tou Paidiou are implementing a joint programme of medical care for children at the NGO, administered via Mission ANTHROPOS’s programmes of “Emvolia-zoume: children without insurance, not without protection” and “Stiri-zoume”. To this end, Hellenic Hope is covering part of the fixed-cost of an employee at Mission ANTHROPOS who helps implement our programme as well as the “Emvoliazoume” programme.

A few words about Mission ANTHROPOS: Mission ANTHROPOS, founded in 2010, is committed to offering free and effective treatment and medical support worldwide, by organizing voluntary medical missions to various countries.

Since 2012, Mission “ANTHROPOS is running the following programmes in Greece:

  • “Emvolia-zoume: children without insurance, not without protection”, trying to secure that uninsured children receive all vaccines prescribed by the National Vaccination Program (NVP), regardless of their socio-economic status.
  • “Stiri-zoume”, aiming to provide medical and pharmaceutical help to uninsured and financially weak children already in the care of other humanitarian organizations or social services.

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Second year of funding comes to an end

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Kentro Agapis Elefsina


Initially, Hellenic Hope made a proposal to modernize and upgrade the sanitation facilities available to the children, which was kindly accepted by the Board of “Filiki Folia”. However, the need for a larger refurbishment programme was evident, which spurred us on to seek co-funding to make it a reality. Thanks to the generous contribution of the I. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation which responded to our call and co-funded the whole endeavor, the renovation works included the repair of the existing toilets, the creation of two new ones, the renovation of the kitchen with the use of anti-bacterial materials to safeguard the hygiene standards, the installation of an airway, the improvement of the lighting of the main staircase, the replacement of the window frames on all three floors with new aluminium ones for better insulation, the replacement of all radiators, the repair of the terrace’s insulation and the painting of the whole building with vivid colors that match children’s temperament.

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Oi Filoi tou Paidiou

In 2014 we extended our collaboration by covering the expenses for one year for the treatment of 6 children who suffer from serious learning disabilities in order for them to deal with the difficulties they face and hope the early intervention may help them to overcome these.

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