What makes us different?

We feel we stand out because:

  1. We support smaller but very capable charities, which typically don’t have fundraising resources.

    The non-governmental sector in Greece has never been particularly developed. Many of the organisations active on the ground depend on volunteers and governmental funding. With the crisis, governmental funds have dried up whilst demand for the NGOs’ services is at an all times high.

    At Hellenic Hope we focus on supporting smaller, but very experienced, dedicated and capable non-governmental organisations to continue their invaluable work. Often, this means that they can focus on their work without worrying about survival. On other occasions, it means that they can extend their services e.g. provide a meal for the children they support.

  2. We are rigorous, professional, impartial, and agile and we are always looking for the most reliable and cost effective solutions in supporting Greek charities.

    We apply the values and principles we use in our professional capacities to the work we do at Hellenic Hope. We conduct extensive due diligence before we support a charity and only partner up with organisations which we feel share our values.

    Also, we rarely hand over cash. Instead, we agree on what support charities need and set about finding the most cost efficient and effective solution in providing that support.

    Once we start a co-operation, we are in regular contact with the organisation we support and ensure that we have close understanding of the impact of our work. Among other, we also conduct regular visits and inquire on the impact of our involvement, often adjusting the level or manner of the help we provide along the way to suit evolving needs.

  3. 99.9% of your donation goes straight to children in need.

    We keep our administrative expenses to an absolutely minimum. We all work on a volunteering basis, source pro bono work (e.g. our website was a donation-in-kind from a Greek company) and use our extensive network to spread the word about Hellenic Hope.