Who we are

Hellenic Hope is a UK registered charity (No.1150596) whose objective is to help children at risk in Greece survive and cope by offering them the basics such as food, medication, clothing as well as emotional and educational support in order to help them deal with the momentous changes around them and grow.

We want to give children a hope for a better future and in the process, preserve one of the most precious and vulnerable assets of any nation.

We help children by raising funds – primarily abroad – and channelling them to deserving organisations dealing with children in need in Greece.

Hellenic Hope started in summer 2012, in the course of a discussion among friends in London. We all felt deeply concerned with the impact of the economic crisis. We could see that the magnitude of the issue was about to overwhelm existing non-governmental organisations, structures and response mechanisms and we wanted to help in this moment of crisis whilst utilising our professional skills and our network. The organisation now consists of 16 engaged Greeks living in London, Geneva and Athens who work on a voluntary basis to create a charity that makes a difference.

We are not supported by any government and are not affiliated with any governmental organisations or political parties.

We are professional, transparent, accountable, efficient, effective and agile.